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Principal Investigator

Roberto C. Myers
Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering,
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering,

office: 476 Watts Hall
phone: 614-547-9771, campus: 2-8439

Ph.D. Materials, 2006
Univ.of Calif. Santa Barbara
B.S.E. Materials Science and Eng. & B.A. Philosophy, 2001
Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia

MQ462 Lab: 614-247-7073, MBE Lab: 614-688-3065


Postdoctoral Scholars


Brelon May

Dr. Brelon May (MSE)

office: 467 MacQuigg Labs, phone: 614-247-7073

Marion, New York. He graduated from Clarkson University in 2013 with a B. S. in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in Materials Science and Engineering. 2013-2018 PhD in Materials Science Engineering, OSU.


Graduate Students

John Jamison

John Jamison MSE)
office: 467 MacQuigg Labs, phone: 614-247-7073

John Jamison graduated from the University of Florida in May 2013 with a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering. He joined Professor Myers group in August of 2013. His research interests include the Spin Seebeck Effect and the growth of thin films for spintronics devices.


Elline Hettiaratchy
Elline Hettiaratchy (MSE) 
Office: 467 MacQuigg Labs
phone: 614-247-7073

Elline graduated with a B.S. in Physics from California State Polytechnic University in June 2017. She did undergraduate research in optics. She joined Professor Myers group in August 2017 and is working on epitaxial thin film growth and spin seebeck effect with potential applications to novel optoelectronic technologies. 

Darpan VermaDarpan Verma (MSE)
Office: 467 MacQuigg Labs
phone: 513-293-8437
Darpan completed his graduation in December 2018 from University of Cincinnati in electrical engineering. He joined the Myers group in January 2019. He has previously worked in the area of wide band gap materials, photovoltaic and thermoelectric devices. He is working on epitaxial thin film growth and GaN Nanowires with applications to novel optoelectronic technologies.

Graduate Student Alumni

Brelon May (2018), Applied Materials

Zihao Yang (2017), Applied Materials

Brandon Giles (2017), Scienta Omicron

Emilio Codecido (2017), OSU Physics

ATM Golam Sarwar (2015), Intel

Thomas Kent (2014), Batelle Memorial Institute

Santino Carnevale (2013), VEECO Instruments, Inc.

Jing Yang (2013), SCI Engineered Materials, Inc.

Daniel Hoy (LakeShore Cryotronics)

Postdoctoral Alumni

Masihhur Laskar (OSU)

Alessandro Giussani (Paul Drude Institute, Berlin)